Robert Scott’s TEDx talk on Organ Donation sparks International Interest

Robert Scott’s TEDx talk on Organ Donation sparks International Interest

Robert Scott, the General Manager for Lifespan Company Ltd, Chairman of the Jamaica Olympic Association’s Medical Commission and Dean of the Consular Corps of Jamaica delivered a compelling and fascinating TEDx talk titled “Give a Heart” at a TEDx Conference in Clarkstown, New York recently.

 Scott’s riveting speech helped to raise awareness about how hard it is to receive an organ transplant due to not enough people being registered organ donors. He then proceeded to share his story on establishing an organ donation programme in Jamaica.

Scott revealed that his interest in Organ Donation was piqued by a speech that was delivered in 1997 by Donna Mckoy, a pharmacist whose speech resonated deeply with him. Scott spoke about the wait time for organ donation in the US, stating that at least 22 people die each day awaiting organ transplants. “The first transplant was done here in the USA in 1954 when Dr. Douglas Murray transplanted a kidney from one brother to another, and to date, over 1 million transplants have been done, over 38,000 last year alone in this country (USA). But still, there is an excess of demand over supply”. He pleaded for urgent action to be taken by the World Health Organization.

Scott outlined steps being taken by the Consular Corps of Jamaica, a dedicated team of medical, legal, and marketing professionals, along with himself to create the Caribbean’s first Bone Bank in Jamaica which would be a pivotal first step in helping to alleviate the region’s organ shortage. He stated that “Organ donor programmes are vital, as the World Health Organization indicates that 50,000 people die each year in need of an organ.”

“In fact, research shows that Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups have a high need for organ transplantation but a low donation rate, reducing chances for an organ match” he added. This Bone Bank will aid in allowing many of these minority groups in the region be able to register as donors, ultimately increasing the chances of getting organs donated.

Donna Mckoy, the pharmacist who delivered the speech that caught Mr. Scott’s interest, says that she is elated that her speech has influenced someone to establish such an amazing initiative that will be beneficial to many people all around the Caribbean. She further expressed the importance of organ donation and recognized the influence of platforms like TED and TEDx which attract millions of views daily, helping to spread awareness about Organ Donations.

In closing Mr. Scott issued a heartfelt call to action, urging people to register as organ donors, which will lead to the saving of many lives in the future. His message captivated the audience and helped to spread the knowledge about the importance of organ donation.

TEDx is a non-profit programme that includes live and recorded TED talks, aimed at spreading awareness about important causes, inspiring change for people in society. Robert Scott’s impactful TEDx Talk will aid in the development of a bright future where organ donation is easily accessible and readily available for those in the Caribbean who need it.