(from left to right) Konrad Mark Berry, Vice Chairman of Mayberry Investments, and Chris Berry, Executive Chairman of Mayberry Investments Limited, unite with Don Anderson, President of the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation, and Dr. Denise Forrest, Director of the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation, in a collaborative effort during the recent handover ceremony at Mayberry Investments Limited.

Mayberry Investments Limited Champions Jamaican Ice Hockey Team's Olympic Dream with Sponsorship

Mayberry Investments Limited (MIL), a steadfast advocate for Jamaican sports, has reaffirmed its dedication to cultivating athletic excellence by teaming up with the Jamaican Ice Hockey Team.

This impactful collaboration includes a substantial sponsorship of US$10,000 to support the team's participation in qualifying tournaments for the Winter Olympic Games in Chicago.

As a prominent financial institution deeply ingrained in the Jamaican community, Mayberry recognises the significance of nurturing homegrown talent and showcasing Jamaica's prowess on the global stage. Through this partnership, the company aims not only to bolster the Jamaican Ice Hockey Team's pursuit of Olympic qualification but also to spotlight the nation's capabilities in winter sports.

"We're thrilled to embark on this journey alongside the Jamaican Ice Hockey Team as they strive for Olympic qualification," expressed Chris Berry, Executive Chairman of Mayberry Investments Limited. "Our sponsorship underscores our steadfast commitment to fostering emerging talent and elevating Jamaica's presence in international sports. Witnessing the team's remarkable performance, we're steadfast in our resolve to nurture and propel them towards greatness," he added, underscoring Mayberry's unwavering support for the team's trajectory.

The Jamaican Ice Hockey Team, renowned for its extraordinary journey since 2019, has earned global acclaim with an impressive record of 12 victories out of 14 games played. Their comprehensive triumphs against teams from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Lebanon solidify Jamaica's status as one of the premier associate teams on the international stage, as highlighted by Don Anderson, President of the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation.

"We at JOIHF are immensely pleased that Mayberry Investments recognised the value of sponsoring our team for the Tri-State Challenger Series between Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Lebanon," remarked Anderson. "This sponsorship significantly contributed to boosting the team's physical and mental well-being, enabling us to overcome challenges and emerge victorious in the tournament. We cannot overstate our gratitude for this sponsorship, which was embraced wholeheartedly by our directors and, most importantly, the players, who proudly posed in front of the Mayberry banner, particularly when receiving the player of the match awards, which we achieved on 3 out of the 4 occasions we played."

The team is slated to compete in the Challenger series, comprising three tournaments over the next three months, featuring matches against Puerto Rico and Lebanon. The series kicks off in Chicago on April 18–21, followed by events in New York on June 5–9 and Toronto on July 11–14. Anderson continued to commend Mayberry for its invaluable support, underscoring the significance of this partnership.

"JOIHF and the entire team extend heartfelt thanks to Mayberry Investments for their investment in the team," Anderson emphasized. "As a result of this greatly appreciated gesture, Jamaica emerged victorious in the first stage of the series, positioning themselves favourably to vie for the overall trophy in Toronto in July. This sponsorship is a win-win for all involved. Much gratitude from all of us at JOIHF," he concluded.

Through this collaboration, Mayberry Investments Limited aims to inspire a new generation of athletes and champion the values of resilience, determination, and teamwork. This sponsorship exemplifies Mayberry Investments Limited's enduring commitment to empowering local talent and fostering the growth of sports in Jamaica.