NHF’s CEO, Everton Anderson [second left] and Director of Health Promotion, Public Relations and Customer Care, Shermaine Robotham [second right] share a photo with Vice Principal of the Salvation Army School for the Blind, Sherine Whyte [left], Daemion McLean, JSB chairman [right] and Conrad Harris, JSB president [center] after presenting the booklets during the ceremony on Thursday, April 25, 2024.

NHF Prints Braille Booklets on its Services for the Visually Impaired

 The National Health Fund (NHF) on Thursday, April 25, 2024 delivered fifty braille-printed brochures on how to apply for the NHFCard to the Jamaica Society for the Blind (JSB), and the Salvation Army School for the Blind in a handover ceremony held at the JSB’s Old Hope Road office.

The booklets received by JSB’s Chairman, Daemion McLean, and Sherine Wright, vice principal of the Salvation Army School of the Blind were developed as the NHF continues its effort for inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

NHF’s Chief Executive Officer, Everton Anderson in his remarks reinforced the Fund’s devotion to service for PWDs.

“Some time ago we organized a focus group which found that many PWDs were unaware of the benefits of the NHF. With these brochures, we are seeking to provide the community with information on how to access the NHF benefits therefore increasing awareness among the group. It is our desire that our disabled beneficiaries will not feel marginalized and neglected, but know that they are a meaningful part of the collective by the way they are included, and treated with the same level of respect as others.”

In response to the initiative, JSB Chairman, Mr McLean, applauded the Fund for its forward-thinking.

“The accessibility aspect of the Disabilities Act is critical to service delivery. To know that the NHF has acted on the recommendations from that focus group and is keeping in step with the Act for persons with disabilities is something to be applauded. The NHF stands as a model agency in ensuring that accessibility becomes a reality for persons with disability. I want to say thank you very much for being forward thinking. Thank you very much for setting the example for other private and public sector entities to see.”

Vice President of the Salvation Army School for the Blind, Mrs Whyte expressed special thanks to the NHF for leveling the literary playing field.

“It is uncommon for organisations to braille material. Normally the information is digitized, but you went further by brailling the material. Braille is the only material that allows persons who are blind and visually impaired to read for themselves. With this the NHF is making them equal to their sighted counterparts.”

Also to assist this subgroup, magnifying glasses are being issued at select Drug Serv locations. The NHF is committed to doing what is possible to improve healthcare access to this vulnerable group and make a difference in their lives.