Mayberry Jamaican Equities (MJE) Limited Announces Up-Size and Extension of Bond IPO Closing Date

Mayberry Jamaican Equities (MJE) Limited is pleased to announce a significant development regarding its ongoing bond offering.

Due to overwhelming demand, the Board of Directors has decided to exercise the option to up-size the invitation as outlined in the Bond Prospectus dated May 3, 2024.

Additionally, MJE is extending the closing date of the bond offering. Originally scheduled to close on June 7, 2024, the new closing date is now set for June 21, 2024, at 4:30 PM. This extension provides prospective investors with additional time to finalize their investments and participate in this exclusive offering. However, MJE reserves the right to close the offer earlier, with notice to be posted on the Jamaica Stock Exchange website.

“We are very excited that the offer has generated such interest. We are ensuring that customers have adequate time to take advantage of the bond offering and make the right tranche decision for them,” commented Dan Theoc Senior Vice President Investment Banking at Mayberry Investment.

This bond offering is part of MJE's strategic initiatives to strengthen its capital base and support its growth objectives. The funds raised will be utilized to further diversify and enhance MJE’s investment portfolio, contributing to the company’s long-term vision of delivering superior value to its shareholders.

Mayberry Jamaican Equities Limited remains dedicated to fostering growth and innovation within Jamaica’s financial sector. The decision to up-size and extend the bond offering is a testament to the company's proactive approach to meeting investor demand and ensuring the success of its strategic initiatives.