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Holness undaunted by poll results, wants to get on with people's business

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"I have never really left the road. I have always been engaged with the public," asserted Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who made it clear on Sunday that he will not be daunted as he carries out the people's business.

Recent polls have suggested that the public's perception of the prime minister and the Government he leads is declining, but Holness said while he pays attention to polls, he doesn't allow them to faze him.

"The poll is a snapshot in time and what you really want to look at is the trend. We want to look at what is happening over a period of time. And so this is a snapshot, and then you also have to look at the credibility of the poll. So one, I do pay attention to them, but I don't speak about them because polls are a curious thing. [A poll] is an instrument designed to measure, but it is interfering with the very thing it is measuring. Indeed, the polls create their own results, so you have to be very careful of that."

He added: "So what I do is, one, always maintain my presence. Be consistent. Keep on message. Sometimes people want to listen to you, sometimes people want to hear you, and then another time they may be frustrated and don't want to listen. They're attracted by something else, but one thing people will know about myself and my style and how I govern is that I am consistent and reliable and dependable. I am always here for them, and I've never taken my eyes off the people's business."

Holness was speaking with journalists following a central executive meeting of the Jamaica Labour Party held at Sam Sharpe Teachers' College.

"We discussed constitutional reform, generally, the timelines and the timetable for that, and the purpose and reason behind constitutional reform," he said of the meeting.

Holness said the executive has agreed that the chairman of the party, Robert Montague, will conduct a special meeting of councillors, Members of Parliament, and party executives to have deeper discussions as the constitutional reform process unfolds in the country.

Also coming out of the meeting were discussions about the social issues affecting Jamaicans, which Holness said is of great concern to the party. He said the party is paying close attention, particularly to the issue of inflation and how that affects the ability of households to survive.

The issues of roads, water, basic needs, and security were also discussed, he said. Holness said the executive made certain decisions as to how the party will operate, particularly as it relates to how information is imparted to the public.

"The party generally understands that the Government which they form is doing an amazing job. We have so many achievements on which we can stand on as a platform. We have made so many reforms, we are taking on the big issues, but we need to make the connection with the public so the public understands the bigger picture of what we are trying to achieve," explained Holness.

"And, even as we achieve these nation-building endeavours, we also must focus on the immediate needs of the people. And that is the important message coming out of the central executive."

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