Wednesday, 03 May 2023 08:50

Dancehall Queen Carlene launches go-fund-me to help sister Pinky's cancer fight

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Jamaica’s first ‘Dancehall Queen’, Carlene Smith, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Real Helping Hands (RHH) platform to raise funds for her sister, popularly known as “Pinky”, who is fighting breast cancer.

Smith said she took to the platform following other fundraisers, such as a birthday party in February, which saw a partnership of dancehall talents Sizzla, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, as the treatment costs for her sister’s ailment remain a moving target. 

“She was diagnosed in 2020 with breast cancer. It was at ‘no stage,’ Smith said of her sister’s cancer journey.

“They removed a lump from her breast. Then in January 2022, she went back to do some tests, and they saw that it had spread to her lymph nodes,” she said.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment were of no help, she said as Pinky’s condition continued to worsen. 

In fact, her sister’s cancer progressed to stage four after the treatments. 

“They said the cancer is so aggressive. We tried some other medication in between. Nothing worked so they told her to go home and just enjoy her family. But I decided that was not an option,” Smith said of the doctor’s instructions for her sister to enjoy what time she had left. 

Since January, the family has been in Jamaica trying another series of treatments, including holistic medicine.

Noting that her sister has gained nearly 50 pounds and seems to be doing much better since beginning the new treatment options, Smith said she is seeking the public’s help to continue funding the process.

“The treatments are very expensive. That’s why I decided to try RHH,” she said.

While there are plans to host other fundraisers, nothing is yet set in stone, she said declining to divulge further details.

Smith credits the support of family and friends, God’s mercy and her sister’s will to live for Pinky’s high spirits despite the struggle.  

“When you go to the doctor, and you think you are getting better, but you’re just getting worse, until they say they cannot help you (anymore), that alone kills most people because that would make you want to roll over and die,” Smith said. 

Pinky, now 59, is no stranger to adversity, having been shot in the face at what was then the La Roose nightclub in 2003.  

“She has been challenged before. They thought she would have died when she was shot. But her will to live is just extraordinary,” she said as she thanked those who have already donated, such as D’Angel, who was the first to donate through the platform.

Others have contributed in person, such as Little Lenny, and the family remains thankful, Smith said.

You may make donations to the campaign at: