Thursday, 04 May 2023 10:32

PM warns TikTok, YouTube creators spreading false news on Gov't

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness has sounded a warning to those people engaged in creating fake TikTok and YouTube videos on aspects of his Government's stewardship, that his Administration will not be deterred in making changes to improve people's lives.

"Every morning somebody call me, sending me a TikTok video or a YouTube video (saying), 'What about that', and I say, 'Is nonsense,' and I give them the counter facts," said Holness. 

"We can do that, too, enuh, but that's not what we do. We don't believe in tricking the people of the country!" declared Holness sternly. 

He was addressing Tuesday's launch of Labour Day 2023, during which he also dispelled such videos and public conversations that civil servants have not largely benefited from the new public sector compensation review.

Those discussions, he said, were "not true", as he pointed out that persons who were on the low end of the pay scale received the better salary increases, an admission, he said, the Opposition People's National Party (PNP) has made.

Holness also reminded that before the review of the civil service wages, "the wages to gross domestic product (GDP) were somewhere in the region of 9.5 per cent." 

That figure has now moved to 11.5 per cent, according to Holness, who said that this translates to "the Government paying out more cash to people". 

Meanwhile, Holness admitted that his Government has "sacrificed significant political capital" in taking on the wage reform programme and other reforms such as the new Road Traffic Act.

"No matter how much YouTube and TikTok negative videos they are going to make, the facts are that this Government that I lead has made the changes that are resulting in improving people's lives right now, and certainly will lead to a better Jamaica in the near future," Holness declared.