Tuesday, 23 May 2023 11:57

Transport group welcomes appointment of Daryl Vaz as new portfolio minister

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At least one transportation group has welcomed the new changes announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness which sees the transport portfolio of the Ministry of Transport and Mining being incorporated into the Ministry of Science, Energy and Telecommunications.

President of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS), Egeton Newman conceded in a video released to the press that while TODSS was hoping to have Floyd Green, who has been reinstated to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Mining ministry, as portfolio minister, Daryl Vaz is welcomed.

"Prime Minister, you did what you had to do. I was looking for Floyd Green in the Ministry of Transport [but] you gave me Daryl Vaz as minister. I spoke to him a couple of times in the past few weeks," stated Newman.

"Daryl has the energy and the strength to move and I want to welcome Daryl to the noble sector that is suffering in the Palmer's of hell. And, I have spoken to you about it, Daryl Vaz. So, it is not something new," added Newman.

The transport group boss said he is concerned that the transport sector was not treated separately. However, he said Vaz will have to hit the road running as there are several issues to be addressed.

"While I have some challenges with you having so many ministries, the public transport sector is willing to work with you," said Newman who then listed the task at hand.

"The first order of business [is] fare increase. The second order is furniture on our thoroughfares - bus stops, taxi stands - and the most important one [is] our relationship between the transport sector and the security forces. We have to address that forthwith," stated Newman.

Meanwhile, Newman thanked Shaw, who took the Transport and Mining portfolio in January of 2022, for his service.

"Thank you, Audley. Thank you very much. Well done you could not have done better. You have tried and made some markets. I must commend you for 15 months on the job and you have responded to every assignment of TODSS,” Newman said.