Wednesday, 17 May 2023 10:55

Mayberry Investments Limited Empowers Innovative Systems' Thrilling Expansion Journey

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Get ready for an electrifying leap forward in the world of electronic retail as Mayberry Investments Limited announces its instrumental role in facilitating a groundbreaking $220 million bond raise for Innovative Systems.

With this remarkable investment, Innovative Systems, a subsidiary of Growth-Tech Group, is set out to unlock new horizons, drive innovation, and solidify its position as the reigning champion of the electronic retail market in Jamaica.

Dan Theoc, the VP of Investment Banking at Mayberry Investments, explained the visionary move to invest in Innovative Systems Limited. "We're always on the lookout for exceptional investment opportunities, especially companies that we can nurture and take to higher heights through an initial public offering (IPO). Over the past decade, Mayberry has proudly brought more companies to the public stage than any other investment bank," Theoc confidently exclaimed.

Mayberry Investments is a dedicated partner in Innovative Systems' voyage towards success. With their wealth of expertise and strategic guidance, Mayberry is committed to empowering Innovative Systems to achieve its expansion goals and maintain its unrivalled status as the leading electronic retailer in Jamaica.

Theoc added, "Our role as financial advisors goes beyond the ordinary. We meticulously analyse their visionary business plans, fine-tuning the financial structure to empower them to conquer their boldest aspirations," he remarked.

As the curtain rises on the thrilling stage of the electronic retail market in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region, Mayberry Investments holds an unwavering belief in the limitless possibilities

that lie ahead. "We firmly believe that the electronic retail market is poised for phenomenal growth," beamed Theoc.

With Innovative Systems, an electronics retailer and member of the Growth-Tech group, which also includes Bumble Bee Digital Agency and Brain Boxx Solutions, at the helm, their expansion plans align seamlessly with this bold outlook, propelling them to the forefront of the ever-evolving market landscape.

The business is a sleeping giant. And the bond will fund the expansion drive," said Executive Chairman of Innovative Systems, Garth Walker. "With Mayberry Investments by our side, we have the financial backing and strategic guidance to awaken this giant and propel it to unparalleled heights in the electronic retail industry. This investment is a testament to our shared vision of unlocking the full potential of Innovative Systems and solidifying its position as an industry leader," he said.

Drawing upon their unparalleled experience and expertise in investment banking and finance, Mayberry Investments stands as a formidable force behind Innovative Systems' growth initiatives. The recently raised capital of a staggering $220 million serves as a launching pad for Innovative Systems' two-year expansion strategy. During this period, the world will witness the undeniable results of this momentous growth, setting the stage for an IPO that will unlock even greater access to affordable financing and propel Innovative Systems towards a future of limitless possibilities.

With a strong commitment to the nation's prosperity, Mayberry Investments actively supports the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as key drivers of transformative economic development. Recognising the vital role SMEs play in shaping the economy, Mayberry Investments is dedicated to empowering these dynamic businesses, fueling growth, and creating opportunities for success.

"We firmly believe that the SME sector holds the greatest potential for economic growth in Jamaica," asserted Theoc. With a steadfast focus on the junior stock market, Mayberry Investments opens doors for SMEs, granting them invaluable opportunities and access to capital that fuel their meteoric rise.

As Innovative Systems steps into the future, an array of challenges and opportunities await them. Theoc emphasised, "While it is management's responsibility to execute the strategy, we stand ready to provide the financial firepower necessary to turn their dreams into reality," he asserted.

Mayberry Investments Limited remains resolute in its commitment to supporting Innovative Systems on its path to expansion, contributing significantly to Jamaica's economic growth and fostering a thriving business landscape.