Tuesday, 30 May 2023 12:50

Cop killed in Manchester was shot, then hit with hammer

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The police constable who was last night killed, reportedly by his wife, at his home in Somerset district, Manchester, was not only shot but also hit with a hammer.

The cop, 41-year-old Damien Blair, was killed during a domestic dispute, the police confirmed in a release on Tuesday.

Reports from the Mandeville police are that about 6:25 pm, Blair was reportedly shot inside his home by his wife.

He ran from the house but collapsed at his gate, where further wounds were inflicted to him with a hammer, the police said.

His colleagues were summoned and upon their arrival, Blair was seen lying in a pool of blood.

His wife was found inside the house, also in a pool of blood, with a laceration to her wrist, the police said.

They were both taken to hospital where Blair was pronounced dead and his widow admitted in stable condition.

On Tuesday, the Police High Command expressed condolences to Blair’s family, friends and colleagues.

The Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson, also renewed his call for the public to seek nonviolent means to settle conflicts.

He urged the public to make use of the Force's Domestic Violence Intervention Centres across the island, as well as other available programmes such as mediation, dispute resolution and Restorative Justice Centres.

Blair was assigned to the Manchester Division.