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JLP has 12 point lead over PNP - Nationwide Bluedot Poll

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The governing Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, is well ahead of the opposition People’s National Party, PNP, in terms of public support.

That’s according to the Nationwide News Network's  Bluedot poll.

The JLP is leading the PNP by a wide margin in the poll conducted between December 2 and 19 last year.

The JLP’s lead over the PNP is in double digits - 12-points.

The Nationwide Bluedot pollsters asked “If the elections were being held today, which party would you vote for?”

56% said JLP. 44%, PNP. That’s a big gap of 12%.


In the last elections of February 2016, less than 1% separated both parties. It was the closest general election result since adult suffrage in 1944.

One seat made the difference in the 63-seat House of Representatives.


The Bluedot poll finding of the JLP ahead by 12-points, if replicated in an actual general election, would result in a landslide win for Andrew Holness and the Labour Party.

The JLP is going into the elections, widely expected to be later this year, with 34 seats to the PNP’s 29.

That’s a majority of 5.

The Nationwide Bluedot poll also found that 56% of respondents say they are either very likely or likely to vote when the elections are called.

While 20% said they were undecided, 24% said they were either very unlikely or unlikely to go to the polls.

The turnout in the last elections was almost 49%, making it the lowest in the history of general elections in Jamaica.


With 56% now saying they are likely to vote, that’s an increase of 7%.


1,431 persons 18 years and older across the island were polled. The margin of error was just under 3%

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