Monday, 09 August 2021 11:38

Hospitals Creaking Under Covid Pressure

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Pressure is now mounting on health care workers with the Ministry of Health & Wellness on red alert amid the surge in COVID-19 19 cases.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of  Health and Wellness Dunstan Bryan has confirmed that all major hospitals are at or significantly above capacity, with COVID-19 cases.
He has warned that the situation is becoming more dire.
The Ministry is now recalling hospital staff  who are on vacation.
In a press release Sunday night (Auguat 8), the health ministry also said regional health authorities have been asked to revise their leave rosters to ensure adequate staff coverage for the anticipated further increase in hospitalisations.
Mr Bryan disclosed that the Savanna-la-Mar, Mandeville and Spanish Town hospitals are the worst affected hospitals.
The health ministry has also said the current strain on hospitals is likely to adveresly affect their ability to carry out elective or non-emergency procedures.
On Sunday the health ministry reported 379 new COVID-19 infections and a positivity rate of  37.8 per cent.