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Dancehall artiste Wedda aka Sol is pleased that he played a huge part in the current trend of girl-on-girl videos which are currently de rigeur in the world of dancehall.

Over the past few months, dancehall firebrands Masicka, Shenseea, Starface and Maestro Don have done videos showing explicit, hot-blooded girl-on-girl action in music videos. However, Wedda's ' Secret Pro' is even more graphic than these efforts which probably accounts for the major reason why the video has racked up over one million views on YouTube. 

The plot centres around a sexually frustrated female who engages in a sweaty, tongue-wrestling tryst with another female, because her partner, Wedda, is coming up short in the bedroom department.

"From mi go girl on girl with my video, mi see Dexta Daps, Kalado, and all sort of other artistes do it. My song came out in 2017 but dem buss so they got all the attention than mine back inna dem time deh," he said.

He says the video's popularity is a result of users putting the video in their own personal playlists online.

 "When me check YouTube couple months ago, me realise it in a lot of X-rated playlists with dirty music and dirty videos, and it get a million views with no promotion, so that is something good."

The song is produced by DJ Frankco, who also directed the more than four-minute video. Though there is an age restriction in the video's description, Wedda shows how effecfive market segmentation strategies are as the video specifically targets lesbians and the sexually adventurous.

 "Mi come up with the lesbian thing cause there are a lot of perverted people out there so me do it with the intention of attracting those types of people, plus lesbians exist and me support dem 100 per cent so it is more for them."

Two years later, Wedda said he has no regrets about making the explicit video, and does not fear children getting a hold of the content. The father of four (no older than eight years old) is certain that his own children do not know the song, neither have they seen the video.

"Parents are responsible to ensure their children aren't watching the video, it's strictly for adults, my kids don't have access to it, they have never seen it," he said.

He recently released 'Stop Annoy Me', produced by Boom Records, and is pleased with the response to another release, 'Inna Life', on the Stand Proud Production/Krayv Music labels which has racked up over 700,000 views online.