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Dancehall artiste Concrossis and the record label Forest Productions handed over to the students of Seaforth High in St. Thomas thousands of dollars worth of school supplies, and book vouchers.
The artiste also donated cash to the top performing students to help defray the cost of their back-to-school needs. 
"We handed over all the materials to Mr. Williams of the Guidance Department of the school because school was in session and we couldn't go class by class. So we got a few top students and gave them a donation and  reasoned with them, and encouraged them to continue to do well, and stressed the importance of a good education, no matter your social or economic standing in life," Concrossis said. 
He plans to return to Seaforth High school and bring a few of his superstar friends to entertain the students. 
"We handed over the supplies and materials to the Guidance Department who encouraged me to come back for Sports Day so I could entertain the kids and interact more with them, " Concrossis said. 

The artiste, who now lives in the USA, grew up between Portsmouth in Portmore, St. Catherine and Bucknor in May Pen, Clarendon. Before he migrated, he used to host back to school treats in Portmore on August 1 at the Portsmouth Primary school for several years under the Walk Away From Trouble Foundation with help from corporate sponsors.

"Many of our people are suffering and it's really sad the economic challenges parents face. But this is a One Love country, this is why you see so many artistes, like myself, step up and help out where we can," he said.

 He was featured as an actor in the 'Jamaican Mafia' movie and as an artiste, he has performed at Chicago Jerk Festival 2018, International Festival of Life 2018, Westchester jerk Festival 2018. He is known for the shows, 'Dem Nuh Know' and 'Church'. He is presently promoting a new single called '30 Billion' on the Bad Liquid rhythm for Natural Bridge Records. 

He has also done shows in  Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica.