Thursday, 14 July 2022 00:36

St Catherine Jamaica's most wanted caught in Cayman

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The police are reporting that a man who is considered St Catherine's most wanted criminal has been captured in the Cayman Islands.

They say Rudolph Shaw, otherwise called 'Boxer' or 'Boxa', was taken into custody on Friday, July 8 in the George Town area during a targeted operation by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, following collaboration between Jamaican law enforcement.

The police say Shaw was previously pursued in Jamaica by the Joint Anti-Gang Task Force and other police units but managed to elude capture before leaving the island by boat.

After pursuing several lines of investigation, in addition to boosting public awareness through social media platforms, information was received that Shaw was in the Cayman Islands, the police noted.

They say Shaw was wanted in connection with multiple murders and several shootings in St Catherine and is considered to be one of the most wanted men in both police divisions in the parish.

The police say the security forces continue to pursue guns, gunmen and gangs and are committed to using all available resources, whether locally or abroad, to capture criminals and their associates.

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