Thursday, 01 September 2022 14:41

Jamaican accused of Assaulting man with rock at US hotel

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A19-year-old Jamaican man has been denied bail after allegedly using a rock to severely injure a man during a fight at a hotel in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States.

Kemaree Reid has been slapped with two felony charges for aggravated assault, including "attempts to cause or cause bodily injury with deadly weapon", according to media reports.

The other felony charge for aggravated assault sees him being charged with "attempts to cause serious bodily harm with extreme indifference".

The Jamaican, whose preliminary hearing has been set for September 29, is also charged with two misdemeanor offences relative to simple assault.

According to allegations outlined by State police, about 8:30 pm on Sunday, August 28, the Jamaican and the man engaged in a fight over "a work issue" at La Quinta Inn and Suites located in West Hanover Township.

During the scuffle, the Jamaican threw a rock at the complainant before grabbing another and hitting him "over and over", court documents informed.

The complainant was reported to have been "gushing blood" from his head and was taken to hospital.

Reid was arrested by officers outside the hotel and subsequently charged.

During an initial court appearance, Reid was denied bail by a judge on the basis that the charges were of a serious nature and the extensive injuries sustained by the victim.

Further, the report said the flight risk of the Jamaican and a pending immigration detainer against him were also considered.

Reid remains in custody at Dauphin County Prison until his preliminary hearing.

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