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Friday, 09 September 2022 13:36

Outgoing Hanna is Opposition's best performer, Bunting the worst - poll

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Many Jamaicans are not impressed with the job being done by Peter Bunting in his role as opposition spokesman on national security and have voted him the worst-performing shadow minister.

Opposition Leader Mark Golding also struggled to find favour with the masses and was seen as the second worst-performing shadow Cabinet member.

On the other hand, Lisa Hanna, the opposition spokesperson on foreign affairs, who has recently announced that she will be stepping away from representational politics, was seen as the best-performing shadow minister, scoring 24 per cent.

Hanna, who had prime ministerial ambitions but lost a 2020 People's National Party leadership contest to Golding, has endured years of fractious relations with party operatives in her St Ann South East constituency.

The second best-performing opposition spokesperson, at 18 per cent, is Damion Crawford, within whose purview is education and training.

In the latest RJRGLEANER-Don Anderson poll, 15 per cent of the 1,113 respondents identified Bunting as the worst-performing member of the Opposition Shadow Cabinet while 8 per cent voted for Golding as the second worst performer.

Bunting's dismal showing follows other poll trends showing national security as a millstone around the neck of officeholders amid strong public concern as murders soar six per cent year-on-year.

National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang and Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson scored overwhelmingly low among respondents.

Chang was dubbed the worst-performing government minister by 15 per cent of respondents, representing a more than doubling of the seven per cent who held that view in a similar poll in 2021.

The poll also found that 93 per cent of Jamaicans had no confidence in the national security minister while 91 per cent had no confidence in the commissioner of police.

However, although Crawford and Hanna found favour among the public for their performance, some Jamaicans also voted them among the worst-performing shadow ministers.

Crawford was ranked the third worst with six per cent, while Hanna was rated as the fourth worst with four per cent.

Opposition Spokesperson on Energy Phillip Paulwell rounded out the top five worst-performing shadow ministers with four per cent.

The poll, which was conducted between July 16 and 25, has a margin of error of plus or minus three per cent.

While Bunting was named the worst-performing opposition spokesperson, the majority of the respondents, at 38 per cent, said they did not know or were uncertain about who was the worst performer in the shadow Cabinet.

The opposition leader was also named the third best-performing shadow minister by nine per cent of respondents.

Bunting, at five per cent, and Angela Brown Burke, the opposition spokesperson on labour and social security, on three per cent, were, respectively, the fourth and fifth best-performing shadow minister according to the poll.

However, 28 per cent of the respondents did not know or were unsure about who was the best performer.

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