Wednesday, 26 October 2022 12:13

Police Federation slaps down Indecom- backs rank and file officers

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The Jamaica Police Federation says members of the security forces will not be intimidated by recent utterances of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) relating to recent fatal shootings by the police.
INDECOM has said it is concerned that members of the JCF may be in breach of the Use of Force policy in some of the incidents.
But Chairman of the Police Federation Corporal Rohan James has urged the oversight body to stick to its core function, which is to "investigate matters fairly and transparently". 
He said INDECOM is mimicking a human rights lobby group, causing frustration and dampening the morale of rank and file members of the force, who act as a buffer between criminals and law-abiding citizens.  
Corporal James argued that the commission's utterances in the public domain will "embolden criminals" but he suggested that the police "are not going to be retreating and allowing for criminals who are marauding our citizens".  
INDECOM has urged the security forces to determine if there is an over-reliance on lethal force in the execution of their duties.
INDECOM Commissioner Hugh Faulkner said this is among several questions which need to be answered following the increase in police fatal shootings since January.
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