Wednesday, 26 October 2022 14:42

Hand of God? Scores of students at Oberlin High faint while being admonished during devotion

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There was a bizarre incident at the Oberlin High School in St Andrew  this morning (October 26) as scores of students fainted during the school’s daily devotion.

A staff member said more than 200 students collapsed in the incident.

According to the staff member, a female teacher was talking to the students about their behavior and decided to pray for them because she said "she got a message" from God. Shortly after the teacher started praying, the staff member said, students started shaking and "dropping".

Several videos of the incident were posted on social media.

Due to the high number of students who collapsed, traffic was halted on the road leading to the school. It was also revealed that even after the school was dismissed early, students collapsed outside of the school gate, leading to passersby stopping to assist them.

It is understood that the principal will be meeting with the Ministry of Education later Today.

The affected students were reportedly transported to the Lawrence Tavern Health Centre, Stony Hill Health Centre and Kingston Public Hospital.