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Wednesday, 06 November 2019 21:40

Government Will Not Relent in Ensuring the Safety of Jamaicans – Chang

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Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang is affirming that the security forces are moving swiftly to capture the perpetrators of the brazen and cruel murder of a man this morning (November 6) while he was dropping off his child at the Cornwall Gardens Basic School in Mount Salem, North West St James.

Dr. Chang who is also the member of Parliament for the area said the act has caused serious trauma to the children who would have been in close proximity to the incident.

According to Dr. Chang, the fact that the men drove onto the compound of a basic school to carry out their criminal action, demonstrates their blatant disregard for life.

“This is a very painful and tragic incident as, not only have we lost the life of a Jamaican citizen, but this act was done in the presence of young and vulnerable children. These children are obviously traumatized by the incident. I have been advised that investigations are swiftly moving to identify and capturing the perpetrators. They have strong leads”.

Dr Chang added: “Even while there have been significant successes in using the States of Emergencies to stem the bloodletting in several areas of the country such as St James, those with murderous intentions continue to seek new ways of exacting their criminal plans”.

He further called attention to the on-going work of the Joint Select Committee reviewing the Criminal Justice (suppression of criminal organizations) Act 2014, which is also seeking to ensure that acts of violence committed in the vicinity of schools are considered aggravating factors in these cases.

Chang noted that the police high command continues to make strategic adjustments in their operational procedures to counteract the extraordinary lengths criminals go to carry out their illegal acts.

“I extend condolence to the family of the father who was murdered and the government pledges its support for the school and the children who have been traumatized by this incident. Your government will not relent in seeking to ensure the safety of all Jamaicans and will continue to improve our actions in seeking the protection of our people," added Dr. Chang.