Wednesday, 30 November 2022 12:52

Prison guard held with contraband at GP

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Acorrectional officer at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in Kingston is under investigation after he was held with contraband on Tuesday.

Sources said that the 28-year-old warden was taken to the police by his fellow correctional officers, who found him with the illegal items.

He is facing charges of possession and dealing in ganja and introducing contraband into a penal institution.

It is understood that around 2:15 pm, the accused correctional officer was escorted to the Elletson Road Police Station by his co-workers, who reported that during a routine search of his person inside the prison, he was found with contraband.

The contraband included a Blu cellular phone and a paper bag with two packages wrapped with tape containing vegetable matter resembling ganja.

The contraband was handed to the police. The correctional officer was then interviewed and escorted back to the prison, where police searched his motorcar.

There, the cops found five brown paper bags containing vegetable matter resembling ganja and tobacco, two boxes of Rizzla, another cellular phone, a Digicel sim card and 10 lighters.

The correctional officer was then escorted to his home in Kingston, where cops conducted a search but found nothing incriminating.