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Motorists have till end of Jan 2023 to pay outstanding traffic tickets

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Motorists have until the end of January 2023 to pay off their outstanding traffic tickets to have demerit points expunged upon the implementation of the new Road Traffic Act.

Cabinet reached a decision on Monday, which was communicated in a press release late Tuesday.

According to the release from the Office of the Prime Minister, after wide-ranging deliberations and consultations with various government agencies and departments in relation to the implementation of the new Road Traffic Act in February 2023, Cabinet gave definitive instructions as it relates to its implementation and the launch of the new Traffic Ticket Management System.

Cabinet decided that:

  1. Legislative steps will be taken to render all demerit points and tickets accrued up to February 1, 2018, null and, as such, they will not be transitioned to the Road Traffic Act 2018; and
  2. Provided that the tickets accrued after February 1, 2018, are paid before February 1, 2023, demerit points will be expunged upon the implementation of the Road Traffic Act 2018. 

The decision from Cabinet comes after the crippling effects of transport operators withdrawing their services last month for two days. The transport operators have been demanding a payment plan to settle their outstanding traffic tickets.

Cabinet advised that, as of February 1, 2023, with the new Road Traffic Act and the new Traffic Ticket Management System, there will be greater efficiency with a fully digitised process.

Cabinet also noted that over the last several years, the government has done significant work to build out a robust infrastructure to ensure the proper implementation of the Act, its 2022 regulations, and the technological backbone for a modern ticket management system.

The release also reiterated the new sittings of the Corporate Area Traffic Court, including Night Court and Saturday Court, which have been implemented to accommodate an increase in persons wishing to clear their outstanding tickets.