Saturday, 21 January 2023 13:46

Jahshii gets commendation for emotional set at Rebel Salute

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Dancehall artiste Jahshii is receiving high praise for his performance at Rebel Salute on Friday.

The artiste, who was making his debut at the reggae festival, was only on stage for a short time but made an impact when he walked into the crowd to make an emotional appeal decrying the state of violence in the country with his hit song ‘Born Fighter’.

Radio personality, poet and Rebel Salute host Mutabaruka gave Jahshii high praises for his set, while encouraging the artiste to bring the same energy he brought on the stage back home with him.

“Me know you sing from your heart enuh, but I don’t want you lef your heart right yah so. I want you carry your heart go back which part you come from, you understand? Because a serious thing you just do a while ago enuh fi even come pon the show yah enuh, and you notice you never even deh yah long; is about 15-20 minutes and what you do right yah suh bigga than most of the shows weh thousands of people, millions a people deh,” Mutabaruka said.

Jahshii, given name Mluleki Tafari Clarke, hails from Grant’s Pen in Kingston. He broke onto the music scene in 2021 and is known for songs such as '25/8' and 'Cream of The Crop' which have garnered millions of views since being released.