Monday, 23 January 2023 12:35

Summation begins in Klansman gang trial

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KINGSTON, Jamaica – The trial involving 27 individuals accused of being the pulse of the St Catherine-based Klansman gang is set to resume Monday morning with Chief Justice Bryan Sykes beginning his summation of the evidence disclosed in the matter.

Members of the security forces are taking no chances in the high profile matter which is being closely watched. Earlier on Monday morning, the two courtrooms being used in the matter were swept with the assistance of a service dog from the Constabulary's canine unit.

The judge-alone matter has dominated the court list since 2021, engaging all of two Supreme Court courtrooms with the 27 defendants (originally 33) producing explosive testimonies and evidence about the alleged running of the gang.

The testimonies of two alleged former gang members turned Crown witnesses and a police investigator who infiltrated the ranks of the outfit posing as an ‘Uncle’ is the linchpin of the Crown’s case.

Judged to be the longest running matter of its kind with the largest number of defendants in any single matter in Jamaica and the Caribbean, the trial started with 33 defendants but five were freed due to insufficient evidence against them while another who was out on bail was shot and killed.