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Friday, 08 November 2019 10:07

Relatives of members of Qahal Yahweh church in St. James express continued concern

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Relatives of members of a religious group Qahal Yahweh Church whose St. James compound was raided erlier this week by police have called for a deeper forensic investigation of the group which allegedly isolates family members and demands titles and properties from its members. 

Earlier this week, six children were removed from the compound in Norwood following concerns about their welfare. Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has said the six children who were taken from the Qahal Yahweh Church have been handed over to their parents.

General Anderson did not reveal details of the probe into the treatment of the children at the compound, but said the investigations will continue.

The media reported that 70 followers currently reside at the compound, having reportedly abandoned their homes last year. The organisation apparently mimics a normal church except that members referred to God as Yahweh and Yeshua. Some members have revealed that several demands for their properties have been made by the church leadership.