Tuesday, 31 January 2023 16:20

Tomorrow is D-Day - What will it mean for you?

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Are you worried about tomorrow? What will the imposition of the new road traffic act mean for you?

It will be very interesting observing the actions of rogue motorists, particularly taxi drivers. Will the new rules and increased foines act as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour on our roads? What will the interaction between police and motorists be like? And what of those persons who did not meet the deadline for paying outstanding tickets? Will everybody be carted off to jail and have their licences suspended? So much to come with the rollout of these new rules. Here we provide a breakdown of the offences and the respective fines. Be extra cautious on the road. One signle ticket could be more than a day's pay - so be careful as you go. Hopefully we will see a bit more discipline and order on the roads. 


Road Traffic Fines