Thursday, 09 February 2023 12:49

Bull Bay gangster Bigga Crime put down in Clarendon

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The fatal shooting by the police of one of Jamaica's most wanted, Nesta "Bigga Crime" Morrison, in Clarendon on Wednesday elicited sighs of relief among some former residents of the area of 11 Miles, Bull Bay known as 'Lane 8'.

"Nuff of wi had to run weh because him say him a go wipe out everybody in the lane," said one resident who had fled the area at the height of a murderous rampage in 2021.

"Is just him and another alleged gangster had a feud and because [the man] did deh a jail him get the strength to come kill off people in the lane," the man added as he said that Bigga Crime and members of his Tankwell Hill gang had also carried out several murders in the Bobo Hill and Seven Miles areas of Bull Bay.

"Is like them wanted to control the whole of Bull Bay and anybody who nuh bow to them was in danger," added another former resident who identified Bigga Crime and his cronies as the killers of two men — 25-year-old Dejan Campbell and Kamal Forbes — whose bodies were found in a river bed in January 2022.

Police investigators theorised that the two men were killed for stealing material from a construction site which residents claimed was under the protection of Bigga Crime and his bunch of gangsters.

Bigga Crime was the alleged leader of the Tankwell Hill gang, which operates out of 11 Miles on the St Andrew/St Thomas border. He was placed on the police's most wanted list some two years ago and a series of operations were launched to capture him even as he defied orders from the police to turn himself in.

Last November, members of the Joint Anti-Gang Task Force raided a property in 11 Miles, which was said to be one of the hideouts of Bigga Crime and his gang.

The gangsters escaped and the police reported that they left behind three firearms and more than 120 rounds of assorted ammunition. Several other items, including cellular phones, counterfeit United States currency, bank cards and food items were also reportedly found in the hideout.

After that narrow escape there were reports that Bigga Crime and his cronies had sought refuge in an inner-city community before making their way to Clarendon with the police on their trail.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of crime Fitz Bailey confirmed that Bigga Crime had been killed in an intelligence-driven operation in Longville Park, Clarendon.

While providing few details on the operation, DCP Bailey said this was one of several operations which the security forces had launched in an effort to capture the man believed to have committed several crimes.

"Bigga Crime reigned terror on the citizens within the 11 Miles, Bull Bay area and its environs, killing and maiming several people," said DCP Bailey.

"I think this is a victory for the people of those communities and it is a relief that he can no longer perpetuate those acts of violence against them," added Bailey.