Monday, 06 March 2023 13:36

Xodus Remedy lights up National Stadium

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A slew of revelers and soca fans turned out on Saturday for the third staging of Xodus Remedy, held at the National Stadium.

Patrons were treated to the annual ‘mini’ Road March affair as Jamaica prepares for carnival 2023.

Managing Director of Dream Entertainment and co-owner of Xodus, Scott Dunn shared that the
team is pleased with the turnout at the event and states that this is just the “warm-up” for the
upcoming carnival season.

“We are pleased with the massive turnout at yet another staging of Xodus Remedy and I just
want to thank our loyalists and other fans at the event for coming out. Tonight was just a warm
up for what’s to come for the upcoming carnival season as we prepare for another execution as
the biggest band on the road,” he said.

Event revelers oozed carnival style in Monday wear while some rocked dazzling costumes on the
scene. One guest shared that she has already planned for carnival and will be jumping with the
Exodus band.

“I will be jumping with the biggest band in Jamaica Xodus Carnival. On carnival day I will start
my morning with carnival Glam Hub for my makeup, hair and photography,” said Melissa Lui.

Soca lover, Shawn Silburn also shared his plans for carnival 2023 where he says he’ll be making
‘lifestyle’ changes ahead of the event.

“Well I will have to change my diet, I’ll have to eat right so that I can be prepared. We have to do
runs so that we can be fit for the road so we don’t mash up- Xodus Remedy has been great
tonight the vibes is good and I’m just waiting for the trucks to move off,” he said.

Attendees had a grand time ‘wukking up’ to the musical selections of Jus Jay, ZJ Chrome, DJ
Nova, Coppershot and FyahMatic.The drink inclusive event was complimented by on site
offerings from Lucozade and Doritos snack stop to keep guest satiated throughout the spirited

The night ended with a soca frolick around the stadium in a mock road march style
with a bright red truck leading the way.