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Reggae artiste Kingseyes believes that local artistes have lost some of their significance and cultural significance on the Dark Continent because of the current trend towards  producing songs that glorify trigger-pulling, misogyny and the sexual exploitation of women. 
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Warriors Musick recording artiste Krysie is still mourning the death of her younger 16 year -old sister who died in a drowning mishap a few months ago.

Dancehall artiste Youngsta Musiq believes that far too many juveniles and minors are falling victim to gun violence. He is convinced that there is an organized system of oppression designed to keep a certain class of people in poverty thereby creating an ugly cycle of violence and death. 

“When you sit down and think about it, you have to wonder why this is allowed to happen. Is a wicked cycle mi bredda, the youngsters grow up ah see the violence , digest it, make it a part of them and instead of changing it, take the road of revenge and reprisal and push back that same violence on others, sometimes younger than themselves,” the artiste whose real name is Najeeb McKay, said. 

“Check it, the violence is like a cry for help. If you run the file of most juvenile shotters, they were abused or exposed to violence at an early age, a cousin, a friend, a father died when they were young and dem internalise it and become violent themselves. We need to show the youths a better way, it terrible bredda,“ the outspoken deejay reasoned.

Youngsta recorded a single called ‘Positivity’ on the Lion Riddims label recently to address these issues. The song will be released on October 30 on all digital music platforms.

“As a young man myself, I have to defend the juveniles, I see them growing wild, but they are not lost. We can save them from the path they are on,” he said. 

Major acts of violence, including murder and shootings, committed against female minors has doubled in the past five years. Official statistics released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force revealed that the number of murders has doubled from 6 cases in 2014 to 13 cases in 2018. 

This sombre trend is also mirrored in the numbers of shootings which jumped from 18 cases in 2014 to 32 cases in 2018.

The Spanish Town native grew up in the war-torn St. John’s Road area where he attended St. Catherine High. Upon leaving school, he recorded his first single, ‘Just Wine’ featuring Echo Mystic. He has worked on his craft over the years. To date, his most popular songs are ‘It’s OK’ on the New Chapter Production label and ‘Man a Win’ on the YB Productions label. 

He released a video for ‘Man a Win’ on October 1. 

“The feedback has been really good. This is a hype song, lots of dancing girls and young people partying and having fun, a straight banger. The people ah respond to it. It will be in rotation on RE, Hype TV and Flow in the next couple weeks,” he said. 

He recently inked a booking and recording deal with Cayman Islands-based independent label, Taler’mad Music Group.

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Kingston-based dancehall artiste Wilful Skillful is gunning for the top spot in the world of dancehall.
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Dancehall artiste Black-er is stepping up promotion of his hilarious new single, 'P P Bill' which is a neat bit of social commentary on the brutal economics of male-female relationships. 

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Louie Rankin's Funeral Set For Oct 26th

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The funeral service of cult celebrity actor Louie Rankin – famous for his role as 'Teddy Bruk Shut' in the cult movie fave ''Shottas' – will be held at the Praise Cathedral Worship Centre on October 26, 2019. 
“The service will begin with an open casket session between 9am to 10am and the service will be held between 10am to 11:30 am,” a source told Jamaica Times.
The church is located at 6785 Millcreek Drive; Mississauga, Ontario.
There will be a reception after the service at  Claireport Banquet Hall.
After the actor’s death, the family had set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to assist in the education and maintenance of his kids. The actor is survived by his one-year-old twin daughters; a three-year-old daughter and two step-children, ages eight and 11.
As of October 10th, the account raised US$11,775 of its US$30,000 goal. 

Louie Rankin, given name Leonard Ford, died on September 30 in a motor-vehicle crash on Highway 89 in Ontario, Canada. The 66-year-old St Thomas native lived in Toronto for several years.

He became a popular figure in dancehall music after the release of his song Typewriter in 1992. In his lyrics, Rankin often refers to himself as the “Original Don Dada,” a term used by many of his dancehall competitors, such as Super Cat.

Rankin also performed in noticeable acting roles as a Jamaican “gangsta”, in the cult classic and a scene-stealing turn as Ox in the Hype Williams' 1998 low-budget film, Belly,  alongside hip hop heavyweights DMX and NAS.
The Rootz Revealers band has chimed in for the environmental battle over mining in the Cockpit Country with the video for their latest single, ‘Pot of Gold’ which was released on all major digital online platforms earlier this month.
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The streets are buzzing about Elephant Man's latest high-octane dance single, 'Find It', and given the advance chatter on social media platforms about the single, it seems that Elephant Man "find it fi real'. In the local vernacular, 'Ele step up E ting daddy!'.
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Highly Favrd1 begs Jamaicans to 'Remember the Yam'

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Toronto-based gospel artiste Highly Favrd1 is ecstatic about the response to her debut EP featuring six songs showcasing the genres of calypso, Afrobeat, gospel and reggae. 
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