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Dancehall artiste Big Pop is asking the members of public to desist from using social media platforms in a malicious and irresponsible manner  to lie, scam, attack, and hurt others in a number of ways.
L.A-based EDM-reggae-pop-fusion producer Chris Goldfinga is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album dubbed  “EDM Dancehall Boss” which will be powered by a lead single from dancehall maestro Vybz Kartel who teams up with Italian opera singer Chiara Ariè for a saucy track provocatively entitled 'Foreplay'.
Dancehall artiste Concrossis and the record label Forest Productions handed over to the students of Seaforth High in St. Thomas thousands of dollars worth of school supplies, and book vouchers.
Wednesday, 23 October 2019 19:59


For a second consecutive year, Charmb Production roots reggae recording artist Sativa D Black 1 and manager, Charmaine Bailey-Smith have copped awards at the Youth In Progress Awards show in Canada.

Charity begins at home. Singjay Lanae believes that Jamaican celebrities ought to focus greater efforts on tackling poverty and lending their voice to assist in social causes in Jamaica, rather than make empty gestures to assist nation states experiencing high profile disasters.

Dancehall artiste Wedda aka Sol is pleased that he played a huge part in the current trend of girl-on-girl videos which are currently de rigeur in the world of dancehall.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 17:46

Isiah Mentor says 'God ah GO Deal with Them

Reggae artiste Isiah Mentor has a message for would-be vigilantes and citizens who engage in reprisal killings: leave all vengeance to God. The song, 'God ah Go Deal with Them', will be released officially on iTunes on his own Village Roots label this month.

"I wrote the song because I know that the ultimate punishment is from the Creator, and I want to promote a form of anti-vigilantism, I don't  feel that people should take up the law in their own hands and do reprisal killings, and that is one of the biggest problems we face today in Jamaica. We need to leave justice if you can, to the law," he said.

The song is inspired by the rash of killings of young schoolchildren, especially girls, in recent times.

Dancehall artiste Chuky Theoutcome believes that the recent trend of authorities locking off entertainment events at 12 midnight has a negative  impact on the wider community, and has recorded a song called 'Jamaica Jamaica' which articulates his beliefs.

Reggae artiste Kingseyes believes that local artistes have lost some of their significance and cultural significance on the Dark Continent because of the current trend towards  producing songs that glorify trigger-pulling, misogyny and the sexual exploitation of women. 
Wednesday, 23 October 2019 17:30


Warriors Musick recording artiste Krysie is still mourning the death of her younger 16 year -old sister who died in a drowning mishap a few months ago.