Friday, 05 May 2023 14:16

Alric Campbell condemns suspected arson attack on PNP constituency office

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Deputy Mayor of Portmore and Councillor for the Edgewater Division, Alric Campbell, has condemned a suspected act of arson perpetrated against the constituency office of the People's National Party in the St Catherine South East area.

"I neither actively or passively support any resistance, that is not in my nature, we are all comrades at the end of the day," he said.

"Whomever burned the constituency office, whether it was JLP supporters, supporters of the Dawes team, supporters of the Alric team, it is something that is wrong, it is something I do not condone and it was not done on my behalf. It is actually something that is negating the respect that I would have developed over the years and I just want to tell my supporters generally that you know Alric, and you know that is something I would not have supported."

Supporters of Campbell were riled up at a decision to scupper his bid to be the man to be charged with winning the seat for the party at the next general election and be the party's standard bearer in South East St Catherine.

The decision was made by party President, Mark Golding at a meeting held at the PNP’s Old Hope Road headquarters on Wednesday, that medical doctor Alfred Dawes would be that man instead.

Angered by the decision, protesters burned images of Dr Dawes in effigy on Wednesday night in reaction to the party’s decision to sideline Campbell.