Tuesday, 27 June 2023 15:45

Supreme Domino Masters Series gears up for Final Pose Off

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Supreme Ventures Limited is gearing up for the much-anticipated grand finale of the inaugural Supreme Domino Masters Series, following an exhilarating journey through five community tournaments.

The National Finals, scheduled for July 2 at the Chinese Benevolent Association (CBA) on Hope Road in St. Andrew, is set to attract a large number of domino enthusiasts, all vying for the title of National Domino Champion and the cash prize of One Million Dollars.

Dwayne Tulloch, the Senior VP of Retail and Customer Operations at Supreme Ventures Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming finals and acknowledged the incredible growth of the tournament. He said, “It has been an incredible journey, taking the Supreme Domino Masters Series across the island over the past few months. We are immensely proud of the tournament's popularity and the camaraderie that has blossomed among the players. The energy among the domino fraternity guarantees an epic showdown at the Finals on July 2 at CBA.”

The winners and players who had already secured a position in the Top 16 during the community tournaments have automatically earned a spot at the grand finale. However, the competition remains open to any domino player in Jamaica who believes they have what it takes to be crowned the best domino player in the country.

Tulloch emphasized, “Eighty players have already earned a seat at the table through their outstanding performance in the tournament. However, the Finals is open to anyone who believes they possess the skills to become the domino champion of Jamaica. All they need to do is come to CBA on Sunday, July 2, register and play. Not only will the participants have an amazing time, but we are also curating an interactive and thrilling entertainment package to enhance the overall experience for everyone.”

The players who have triumphed in the community tournaments are eagerly anticipating the ultimate showdown and have already begun plotting their strategies to claim the top prize.

Gerry Gardner from Montego Bay revealed his plan to keep his opponents guessing with his deceptive style, using unorthodox shots to confound his competitors. Meanwhile, Garfield Brissett from Spanish Town aims to make it difficult for his opponents to read his moves, ultimately securing his path to victory. David White, the reigning champion of Caymanas Park, emphasized the importance of consistency, concentrated focus, and his unique ability to read his opponents' hands and mannerisms. Lastly, Leroy Cooper from May Pen relies on his years of experience and expertise to guide him toward an inevitable triumph.

The competition promises to be an exhilarating blend of rivalry, strategy, and skill. Supreme Ventures Limited invites the public to mark their calendars for Sunday, July 2, 2023, at the CBA for the Finals, starting at 2 p.m. Registration will begin at noon, and there will be an entry fee of $1000 for this high-stakes event. The ultimate prize awaits the victor - the title of Jamaica's best domino player and an astounding J$1 million!