Thursday, 17 August 2023 13:06

Increased Patronage for Local Businesses During Dream WKND

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Within the span of 5 days, the streets of Negril was transformed into a vending mecca, as vendors lined Norman Manley Boulevard with their jerk pans, soup pots, igloos and even car trunks, setting up shop for the 2023 staging of Dream WKND.

With the increase in visitors to Negril, many local businesses opted to provide discounts and special purchasing options for Dreamers rocking their Dream WKND bands. One such entity is Chill-Pops Gourmet Paletas, which specializes in natural, hand-crafted popsicles.

According to Damir Tufail, Owner of Chill-Pops Gourmet Paletas, “With Dream WKND being one of the biggest parties in the Caribbean, we thought it would be nice to entice guests who might be new to the island to try a chill-pop by creating the BOGO offer, where with a purchase of any alcohol-infused popsicle, Dream patrons received a fruit-based popsicle free of cost. Collaborating with Dream offers an increase in customers for us, which for any business, is always positive. Partnering with a brand that is keen on experiencing brand Jamaica, is also a key thing for us.”


Summer time is usually a slow tourist period, so Dream WKND is a welcomed event that helps vendors and tourist-dependent businesses stay afloat. Throughout the 5 days, patrons were seen hopping on bike taxis to get to and from each venue, purchasing jerk chicken and soups from street side vendors, and patronizing the many restaurants and businesses along the Boulevard.

In addition to this, the major hotels, alongside their smaller counterparts were all booked to capacity to accommodate the thousands of revellers who traveled from around the world for the weekend that never sleeps.

Scott Dunn, Group Managing Director of Dream Entertainment, ascertains that, “In 2020 the Government estimated that Dream WKND brings in $4.3 billion annually. With this being one of our biggest years ever, it’s safe to say that we would have again eclipsed $4 billion. From the small vendors selling rags and snacks on the roadside, to the large hoteliers, this staging has provided a significant boost to the economy.”

Another major economy booster at Dream WKND was the Dream Concierge services. For the period of July 23-August 5th, 246 airport transfers were booked through the service. A total of 72 people went on personalised tours and sightseeing , whilst 60 patrons utilized the bodyguard services that were provided. Outside of the usual number of Dream hostesses, the concierge service employed an additional 70, catering specifically to patrons who booked cabanas and table services.

Carlos Phillpotts, Head of Sales at Dream Entertainment asserted that “The concierge services elicited a highly favourable response from patrons. We found that they were excited about the personalized attention, which increased our cabana and table sales. Patrons also jumped at the opportunity to unwind ahead of the parties by booking the various tours that were available. This service will definitely be available at next year’s staging, as we realize its demand continues to increase.”

In essence, Dream WKND continues to positively impact the economy by bringing in an excess amount of monetary inflows. As the curtains have closed on yet another successful staging, patrons, vendors and the organisers are already looking forward to a bigger and better Dream experience in 2024.