Monday, 04 September 2023 12:06

Dennis Meadows to be PNP candidate in Trelawny North for next election

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Dennis Meadows, a former Jamaica Labour Party candidate for Trelawny North, was selected on Sunday as the candidate for the People's National Party in the same constituency for the the next parliamentary election. 
Mr Meadows received 148 of the 162 votes cast by delegates.
Mr Meadows, who ran unsuccessfully for the seat on three occasions for the JLP, commended the PNP Secretariat for its stewardship of the selection process, describing it as fair, "considering that I recently joined the People's National Party."
Describing the PNP as "very inclusive and accommodating," he told Radio Jamaica News that he had been "afforded nothing but respect and love, not only from the people of North Trelawny, but from... the People's National Party as a whole." 
Trelawny North, a traditional PNP stronghold, is currently represented in Parliament by the JLP's Tova Hamilton, an attorney who in the 2020 general election wrested control of the seat for that party for the first time since 1983.