Thursday, 28 September 2023 15:54

Two more top executives quit NCB

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Two more top executives under the NCB Group are out the door with Steven Gooden, Chief Executive Officer of NCB Capital Markets, and CEO of TFOB 2021 Limited, operators of digital wall Lynk, Vernon James, resigning.

In a statement today, Gooden, who joined NCB Capital Markets in 2009, indicated that he is stepping down to explore new opportunities.

"My time at NCB Capital Markets has been incredibly fulfilling, and I am immensely proud of the achievements we have collectively made. It is with mixed emotions that I step down from my role as CEO, but I am excited to embark on new ventures that will continue to drive innovation and transformation within the financial industry. I look forward to exploring opportunities that will contribute to the growth and development of our region."

And James, who was formerly employed at NCB Capital Markets, stepped down in the aftermath of a staff cut at Lynk just days ago.

The departures of James and Gooden are part of a growing list of separations since the abrupt exit of NCB Group CEO Patrick Hylton and Chief Financial Officer Dennis Cohen in July.

Shocking news came yesterday of the departure of Septimus 'Bob' Blake as CEO of National Commercial Bank (NCB) after more than 20 years.

Blake, whose last day in office is tomorrow, told a hastily-called press conference that he was not pushed out but that he's leaving NCB of his own volition, a sentiment that was echoed by chairman of the NCB Group, Michael Lee-Chin.

Former Scotiabank CEO Bruce Bowen will act as interim CEO for NCB, effective October 1.

At the press conference yesterday, Lee-Chin said the bank has been focusing on a change management programme dubbed Efficiency, Governance and Customer Service and that this will involve "delayering the organisation so that it will become closer to the customers while driving efficiency".

Pressed on whether this will mean another round of job redundancies at NCB, Lee-Chin answered in the affirmative but would not give specifics.

Meanwhile, the NCB Financial Group Limited (NCBFG) this afternoon announced additional leadership changes at National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited as part of efforts to streamline the organisation's structure, foster greater responsiveness, and bring NCB closer to its customers.

The changes include:

* Sheree Martin, who previously served as Senior Vice President (SVP) of Retail Banking & Customer Experience, now steps into the role of Executive Vice President (EVP) for the Retail Banking Division, focusing on refining retail customer interactions. Additionally, Martin will assume responsibility for Group Marketing, Communications and Digital.

* Dave Garcia, formerly General Counsel, will assume the title of EVP, Legal and Corporate Services, serving both NCBJ and NCBFG.  Garcia's legal expertise will provide valuable insights as the company shapes its strategic priorities in Jamaica.

* Tanya Watson-Francis, currently Senior Vice President – Treasury & Correspondent Banking Division, has been appointed EVP, Treasury & Capital Management. In this position Watson-Francis will assume additional responsibilities for balance sheet management, reflecting the Bank's increased focus on capital efficiency.

* Malcolm Sadler, who acted as Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for NCBFG, assumes the role of Group CFO.

* Jacqueline De Lisser also transitions from her Interim CFO role at NCBJ to become the Bank's CFO.

“These shifts represent our forward-looking commitment to our customers and stakeholders. At NCB, our core belief lies in continuous pursuit of excellence and charting progressive paths, “ said Robert Almeida, Interim Group CEO of NCBFG.