Thursday, 28 September 2023 16:06

Getting Ready: EOJ recruiting election workers

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There is every indication that the country is fast approaching a major national election, as the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) has indicated that it has started recruiting Election Day workers for upcoming and future elections and referenda.

The long delayed Local Government Elections are due no later than February 2024, and the next General Elections are constitutionally due in 2025.

With major constitutional reform under way, a referendum is also likely to foster the removal of some entrenched sections of the constitution, such as are required to replace King Charles as Jamaica’s head of state as the country transitions to a republic status.

With all these developments on the horizon, the country’s electoral office is moving to make sure it is ready to execute whenever it is called upon to do so.

"Applicants (for election day work) must be at least 17 years old, non-partisan, able to read and write well, and have at least secondary-level education,” the EOJ said in a press release on Monday.

It added that, “suitably qualified persons are invited to apply at an EOJ constituency office. All applications must be accompanied by a valid ID and TRN (Tax Registration Number). The EOJ is appealing to persons in Westmoreland, Hanover, and St James in particular, to apply.”

The electoral office said the selected applicants will be notified to attend compulsory training sessions, and will be compensated.

At the same time, people eligible to become registered electors have until Friday of this week to register for the November 30, 2023 voters' list.

Only people on the list can vote in upcoming and future elections and referenda. Individuals who register after September 30 will have to wait to be added to the May 31, 2024 list.

"Individuals intending to become registered electors must apply in person at any Electoral Office of Jamaica constituency office. Applicants are advised to wear only bright or dark-coloured clothing (no white or light colours) to have their photographs taken. Following the in-office application, the applicant will be visited by a team from the EOJ to have his/her residence verified to complete the application process," said the EOJ release.

To be eligible, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and a Jamaican or Commonwealth citizen ordinarily resident in Jamaica for at least 12 months prior to registration.