Wednesday, 25 October 2023 08:23

Romeich Major Reflects on Partnership with Magnum Tonic Wine- Release

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Entertainment guru, Romeich Major, is basking in the joy of being able to celebrate yet another year around the sun.

The uber-successful entrepreneur’s annual celebration began with a games night event on Wednesday, October 25, and will culminate with a grand street dance on Saturday, October 28th at the Romeich Entertainment HQ in Kingston.

Reflecting on his journey to becoming the businessman he is, one brand that has always been present is Magnum Tonic Wine. Magnum is, and has always been, an avid supporter of dancehall, and the players within the industry. However, Romeich’s relationship with the brand began through his clothing company, Romeich Wear & Clothing.

“Our relationship with Magnum has always been a good one. Incidentally, this relationship began with us designing clothes for the Magnum ambassadors and promo girls. This then blossomed into Magnum outsourcing promo girls from us for their events, which eventually led to us being able to get them on board as sponsors for our events,” Major said.

Over the years, both parties have maintained a strong working relationship that has transcended the test of time. To date, Magnum has partnered with Romeich Entertainment on numerous initiatives, ranging from parties to philanthropic efforts.  The first Magnum-sponsored event from this partnership was Romeich's ‘Jeans Pon Jeans’ themed birthday party in 2019.

“That was one of the biggest and best events we’ve ever had. Magnum’s execution was well done. The turnout was incredible and I’m positive both parties benefited greatly from that execution,” he stated.

Throughout the years, Romeich has made a name for himself through his management of some of Jamaica’s top talents, which Magnum has benefited from, by way of its brand ambassadorship. In addition to this, he has executed countless events across the island, spreading good vibes and joy to those in attendance.

“We’ve executed so many memorable events with Magnum, it's impossible to list them all out. During covid, we started something that was not being done at the time, the Romeich Entertainment Live Radio. That one is completely unforgettable for sure. Across the board, the events have all been interesting in their own way, they've all had something special in their own way,” continued Major.

Magnum Tonic Wine has always prided itself on being the brand for dancehall and of the people, ensuring that whatever venture is undertaken, nothing but the best is given. The Major Marketing head lauds them for this, saying that “The working relationship we have with Magnum is, bar none, one of the absolute best we’ve had. They are super diligent and quick, and they allow us to provide input where clothing and execution are concerned. They listen to us as much as we listen to them, which allows us to learn from each other.”

The relationship between Magnum and Romeich Entertainment has proved to be a mutually beneficial one and has provided the latter with global recognition throughout the years. The beneficiaries from the alliance with Magnum has stretched as far as allowing Romeich to provide jobs on a wider scale for many Jamaicans who would’ve otherwise been unemployed.

Pavel Smith, Marketing Manager at J. Wray & Nephew Ltd, expressed that “Magnum and Romeich have maintained an incredible relationship over the years. We have watched both him and his businesses grow year after year, and we are truly proud to be a part of this production. It is great to be able to celebrate one more year with him, and we are committed to continue strengthening the bond we’ve created between the two organizations.”

Though opting to remain tight-lipped about naming Romeich Entertainment’s upcoming projects, Major insisted that the team has amazing projects that will come to fruition soon. 

Romeich’s ‘Street Dance’ birthday party, supported by Magnum Tonic Wine, takes place Saturday, October 28, 2023, at 1 ½ Campbell’s Blvd. Entry to the event is free, so come out, grab a Magnum and ‘Tek Charge a Tings’ Responsibly.