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Mayberry Group Limited (MGL) Showcases MJE's Performance and Strategic Investments

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Chris Berry (right), Chairman of Mayberry Group Limited (MGL), and Gary Peart (left), CEO of MGL, stand united, along with Dan Theoc (background), Mayberry’s VP of Investment Banking (background). Chris Berry (right), Chairman of Mayberry Group Limited (MGL), and Gary Peart (left), CEO of MGL, stand united, along with Dan Theoc (background), Mayberry’s VP of Investment Banking (background).

Mayberry Group Limited (Mayberry), Jamaica's
foremost investment banking firm, unveiled the year-end 2023 financial results of
Mayberry Jamaica Equities Limited (MJE) at its esteemed Investor Forum. Despite
prevailing market challenges, the presentation highlighted MJE's resilient performance,
demonstrating its ability to thrive in adverse conditions.

The forum, a cornerstone of investor education in Jamaica for over three decades,
welcomed distinguished financial experts to provide insights into market trends and
investment opportunities. Christopher Berry, Executive Chairman of Mayberry Group
Limited, and Gary Peart, Asset Manager of Mayberry Jamaican Equities (MJE), shared
valuable insights on MJE's performance for the fiscal year ending in December 2023.

Amidst a challenging economic backdrop with significant market downturns, including
an 18% decrease in the main market index and 17% decrease in the financial index,
MJE demonstrated resilience. Despite high inflation and interest rates throughout 2023,
MJE remained focused on its mission to achieve long-term capital appreciation by
investing in high-quality, publicly listed entities.

Key highlights from the presentation included MJE's impressive growth trajectory since
its IPO debut in July 2018, where its asset values in US$ terms have increased by 60%
over the last five years, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%.

While MJE experienced a decline in total assets by 2% year over year, shareholders'
equity decreased by 14%, mainly attributed to trading losses and market valuation
adjustments. The net book value per share also saw a 14.4% decrease, with the closing

share price down by 24% to $9.95 as of December 31, 2023. The comprehensive loss
for the year amounted to $18.3 million, primarily driven by market conditions and
primarily the result of unrealized fair value losses.

During the forum, insights were provided on MJE's investment portfolio, showcasing
strategic adjustments in stock positions. Notable additions included Dolla Financial
Services, emerging as a top-ten holding for the first time, and increased investments in
promising entities such as Jamaica Broilers Group and JMMB.

Christopher Berry emphasised the rationale behind key holdings such as CPJ, citing its
dominant position as the largest purveyor to Jamaica's hospitality sector. Despite short-
term market fluctuations, Berry expressed confidence in CPJ's long-term growth
potential, driven by Jamaica's thriving tourism industry.

"CPJ remains a cornerstone of our portfolio, reflecting its pivotal role as the leading
provider to Jamaica's vibrant hospitality sector. Despite market volatility, we maintain
unwavering confidence in CPJ's enduring growth trajectory, fueled by the resilience of
Jamaica's burgeoning tourism industry." Christopher Berry, expressed.

Gary Peart echoed this sentiment regarding Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL),
highlighting its strong profitability and expansion into new markets like Ghana. Peart
emphasised SVL's consistent dividend payouts and robust financial performance,
underpinning its strategic importance within MJE's portfolio.

"Supreme Ventures Limited's impressive profitability and strategic expansion into
emerging markets like Ghana reflect its unwavering commitment to growth and
innovation. With consistent dividend payouts and a resilient financial performance, SVL
continues to solidify its position as a cornerstone within MJE's investment portfolio,"
Peart asserted

The Group underscored the significant buying opportunity presented by MJE's current
market valuation, as evidenced by its stock price trading at a notable discount to its net
asset value (NAV). With a 30% discount observed as of December 2023, the Group
believes MJE offers compelling value for investors seeking exposure to Jamaica's
resilient stock market.

Mayberry Group Limited reaffirmed its commitment to delivering long-term value for
investors through prudent investment strategies and rigorous portfolio management,
while preparing for the upcoming launch of the Mayberry Jamaican Equities Bond Offer
which is expected later on in March 2024.

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