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Dancehall artiste Big Pop is asking the members of public to desist from using social media platforms in a malicious and irresponsible manner  to lie, scam, attack, and hurt others in a number of ways.
"Many criminals have taken advantage of social media to hide their identity and commit several crimes such as cyber bullying, human trafficking, drug dealing, and the thing is Jamaica is a very volatile country so when they do things like that, it can have fatal consequences," the artiste whose real name is Ricardo Rankine, said. 

 "As Jamaicans, social media is robbing us of the trust and comfort we once placed in one another. Today Jamaicans trust each other and the police less because there is a feeling that everyone is looking out for themselves only. Last week, when the JUTC bus driver and taxi-driver were killed, it was social media that caught the word quicker than local news and helped to create a feeling of dread and fear that was out there, and mek the whole country stop braps," Big Pop said, praising the authorities who worked quickly to resolve the situation. 

Last week, the dramatic killing of an employee of the state-owned Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) in New Kingston led to a withdrawal of service by the company’s bus operators. In a separate incident, a taxi-driver was allegedly killed by a JUTC bus driver which led to a reprisal killing of a driver who had nothing to do with that incident. 

"We have to do better as a people, see it there, the malicious use of social media to incite hatred and murder on innocent people caused one more family to be in mourning for nothing. That was tragic," the 25 year-old artiste said. 
Big Pop is promoting his latest single, 'Simple Child' which was released on September 24th on the Black Love Production label and is being distributed by 21st Hapilos. 

"The majority of songs I sing are based on my own personal experiences, and this song is about betrayal and hurt from people who you once helped in life, but despite the hurt, if you have the heart to help, just help, smile, keep it cool, mi born simple so mi keep it simple, cause there is a blessing coming from God," he said.
Big Pop was a favourite in the 2012 edition of Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall competition, in which he copped the second-place spot. After the series, he remained active in the recording studios and released tracks like Summa Swag, Time, We Are One and My Friends. He is booked to perform on an upcoming college tour and 'Stop the Crime and Violence' show in Trelawny on October 15th.