Saturday, 19 November 2022 16:08

Shensea's new ride is a super-fly "Lambo"

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After all the personal vehicle shopping for close friends and relatives, Shenseea’s copped for herself a new whip, and perhaps, the third time's the charm?

According to the Blessed hitmaker, the purchase of a new 'Lambo' (short for Lamborghini), has been a long time coming, having made a promise to herself to purchase a 'lambo' in the future.

That she did!

The Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule in the Nero Noctis colourway sports a two-tone matte black and neon wrap with a black and neon interior. It's described as a supercharged SUV, and the "first connected Lamborghini" - a nod to its state-of-the-art connectivity and smart features.

Though she is by no means boasting about her new ride, Shenseea has stated in an Instagram post that she does it “to show you it’s possible”, and “new keys, same drive,” she wrote in the caption.

This is not her first purchase, either, but it certainly is a transition from the over-the-top vehicles she's owned in the past. Fans may remember her hard-to-miss iridescent 2019 BMW X6 – that was, reportedly, damaged in an accident in 2020, or the previous neon green BMW 5 series sedan.

In the caption on Instagram, she wrote: “I remember when I used to walk MILES to work just so I could save the little I had, even when I was [nine] months pregnant. I promised myself in the future I was gonna get a Lambo. Now I bought one myself...”.