Thursday, 10 August 2023 09:49


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Four time Grand Gold Monde Selection Award winner Lifespan has been admitted to the prestigious Fine Water Society.

The local company is the source of Lifespan Spring Water, which comes directly from the aquifers of the Blue Mountains in Portland, where the water is naturally alkaline, all year round. 

The Fine Water Society creates a global forum that further enhances Fine Water's visibility and conveys the idea that water is not just water, but a natural, unprocessed product with terroir and unique characteristics. The FWS allows brands, distributors and individuals to share information and create awareness of the category differentiating themselves from commodity bottled water.

The FWS believes that the experience of drinking bottled Fine Water should be as close as possible to the experience of drinking the water at the source and so does Lifespan.

Lifespan understands the gentle bottling of the water at the source is the way of sharing the    drinking experience with the consumer. Fine Water is intrinsically connected to the source, and not only the natural environment but also the social and cultural environment around the source is respected and protected. According to Nayana Williams CEO Lifespan the admission into this Society is part of a strategy to put Lifespan Top Shelf, well above the other players, putting us internationally against Fiji and Evian.

“ We are indeed humbled to be accepted into this international society, home to the finest waters in the world. We are also proud that we are the only Caribbean bottled water to be accepted in this prestigious society. This takes lifespan to a new level of acceptance, standing shoulder to shoulder with these iconic brands.”

She further states that, “This success is greater than Lifespan, it is further validation of the greatness that is Jamaica, where even that which emanates from the soil is world class”.

This society is an accessible luxury segment within the wider category of premium waters with an excellent quality and a very high price compared to the value category. It is limited in its distribution, unique and rare, with a strong aesthetic and emotional connection.

Fine Water has a story, brand history, and heritage with a touch of dream value. The society purports that fine water is next to wine and deserves epicurean attention.

Additionally, Lifespan is the only Jamaican company and one of three companies in the Caribbean, that is a member of International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) since 2019 Lifespan is the only bottled water company in Jamaica which is certified by NSF International. Membership in the IBWA requires the successful completion of a stringent annual audit to ensure that the standard of quality is maintained.

Just last month, Lifespan Company Limited, was selected as a finalist in the 2023 Go Global Awards, an esteemed international event hosted by the International Trade Council in partnership with Rhode Island Commerce.