Thursday, 17 August 2023 12:11

Persons of interest surrender, probe on St Catherine flare-up continue

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Three persons of interest who were listed by the St. Catherine South Police Division have surrendered as police intensify their probe into the violent flareup in Gregory Park and the surrounding areas.

They are: Ryan Muir, otherwise called ‘Titti Man’, a ma who was earlier placed on a police list questioned, and then released.

Nigel McLarty, otherwise called ‘Fabrigas’, and Eric Bridge, otherwise called ‘Sugar’

Police said a further appeal is being issued for the following individuals to report to the Portmore Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) immediately.

The Police believe these persons can assist with the investigation surrounding a series of violent incidents in the Gregory Park community of St Catherine.

They are: Ian Watson, otherwise called ‘Scaley’, Shane Williams, otherwise called ‘Gaza Tussain', a man known only as ‘Teacha’, a man known only as ‘Venom’, and a man known only as ‘Birch’.

 Odane Fowler, otherwise called ‘Packchow’
 Miguel Tracey, otherwise called ‘Ears’
 A man known only as ‘Maverick’
 A man known only as ‘Poo’
 A man known only as ‘Pick Pocket’

Superintendent Hopton Nicholson stated that “the St. Catherine South Police continue to work assiduously to remove criminals from our nation’s streets. We encourage community members to continue to work closely with law enforcement to restore safety and security in the area.

Residents are urged to remain vigilant and to contact the Portmore Police at 876-989-8422 or Crime Stop at 311 with any information that can assist in the ongoing investigation. All information shared will be confidential.”

Editor’s Note: Ryan Muir, otherwise called ‘Titti Man’, was listed as a Person of Interest earlier
this month. He turned himself in on August 8, 2023 and was questioned and released by the
Police. He was renewed as a Person of Interest on Monday, August 14, 2023.

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