Wednesday, 23 August 2023 11:21

SVF Robotics Camp Empowers Children in State Care with STEM training

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For yet another year, the Supreme Ventures Foundation (SVF) is empowering wards of the state through their participation in the annual Supreme Ventures Foundation Junior Creators Robotics Camp.

Unfolding from August 14th to 18th, this transformative robotics camp, was staged in partnership with Halls of Learning,  providing over 100 young participants, including over 40 children who reside within state care facilities overseen by the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), with immersion in robotics, coding and Lego engineering.

"Our Junior Creators Robotics Camp represents SVF's unwavering dedication to creating meaningful avenues for children to embrace their potential and envision a limitless future," said Heather Goldson, SVF Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL). "We believe that exposure to robotics, coding and the other elements of the curriculum developed by Halls of Learning is a great way to stimulate interest in STEM in the next generation of Jamaica’s leaders and innovators. By extending this opportunity to children in state care, we strive to empower them with skills and experiences that can significantly impact their personal growth and future success."

The CPFSA, a vital partner in this endeavour, echoes these sentiments and has expressed gratitude for the exposure afforded to children in its care.  "The Supreme Ventures Foundation is one of our key private sector partners and they have always been proactive in creating opportunities to support children in state care. This Camp is another example of that and we’re very grateful that some of our children have received this opportunity and exposure,” affirmed Dr. Warren Thompson, Director of Programmes at the Child Protection and Family Services Agency. “Initiatives like these are a beacon of hope and we thank SVF for recognising the potential within every child, regardless of their circumstances, and providing a platform that nurtures growth, education, and self-discovery."

The profound impact of this inclusive approach is already being felt by the children, one of whom shared, "Being part of this camp has been very good and very exciting. I got to meet new people and learn about making robots. I am very happy to be here and hope I can come back next year."

The guiding principle of the Supreme Ventures Foundation Junior Creators Robotics Camp is empowerment and transformation of Jamaican youth. By blending educational excellence, interactive learning, and unwavering support, the camp is effecting positive change in the lives of children in state care, underscoring the truth that every young mind deserves the opportunity to thrive.