Friday, 15 September 2023 13:00

Island Style Child Back with 5th Staging

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The Caribbean’s premier children’s runway show, Island Style Child returns on Dec 2, 2023. Featuring young models between the ages of 4-16, the event showcases talented local, regional and international designers, including designs from young child designer Zuri Reynolds. 

Island Style Child had its first staging in 2016, and has grown tremendously since. Having hosted past events at some of Kingston’s iconic locations, the tradition continues with this year’s 5th staging being held at the AC Marriott Hotel. The show’s production trio - Executive Director Michelle Gordon along with Runway Coach Brandon Ferguson and Style Director Norma Williams, have placed Island Child Style on the international stage of runway events dedicated to kids' fashion.

However Island Child Style is more than just a fashion show. It is a movement that offers all our children a newfound sense of confidence and self-assuredness. It's a celebration and showcase of dreams, and a platform for the next generation to shine. It's about helping them believe in themselves and their abilities, setting the stage for future successes.

“When these amazing children leave here, they leave as more confident and driven individuals. It is important that we allow children to freely express their creativity in a fun way, all while developing other functional skills needed to navigate life” expresses Parenting Consultant and  Executive Producer of the show.

In preparation for the grand event, the children will undergo a series of training and mentorship sessions for the next two months.

The AC Marriott Group has partnered with Island Child Style through its charity arm Serve 360,  and made a commitment to the Homestead Place of Safety. According to Junior Blackwood, Facilitator of AC Marriott’s Serve 360, “It is no brainer that AC Marriott is happy to collaborate with Island Style Child.  This partnership will deepen our impact in fostering the development of one our places of safety. With over 100 wards, this initiative offers a powerful direction and purpose to achieve greatness and to build their confidence.”

Island Style Child 2023 promises to be another masterpiece event. The invitation is open to interested parties to come on board as a sponsor for this year’s staging, as it hopes to build on it commitment to empowering young minds. 

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