Wednesday, 04 October 2023 12:12

Pastor "Mumma" gets 10 years for membership of Blackman's One Don gang

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Stephanie Cole-Christie, also known as Mumma, the lone woman convicted for being a member of the deadly Klansman gang, has been sentenced to nine years and 10 months behind bars for her membership in the criminal organisation.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes handed down the sentence a short while ago.

In March this year Cole-Christie was found guilty of being a member of the notorious criminal organisation.

Cole-Christie, said to be a top-tier member of the gang, at the time in a fervently delivered unsworn statement had described herself as a "businesswoman and entrepreneur" who is "known by many as a people person".

She had claimed that her only modus operandi was caring for the elderly and young people by getting them into schools. She told the court that she also spearheaded community sports days and a major get-together which was so recognised it attracted sponsorship from several big-name companies.

Last week, Cole-Christie’s lawyer, Alexander Shaw, argued for a lighter sentence.

He said his client, who was making a meaningful contribution to society as an entrepreneur and community member, is "still involved in ministry, is on the choir and helps in the kitchen [at the remand centre]".