Thursday, 12 October 2023 14:06

Xodus Goes Mas Couture for Carnival 2024

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As Carnival season comes alive, Xodus Carnival is gearing up for its best season yet.

The premium Carnival Band is set to debut its 2024 ‘Mas Couture’ themed costumes in a runway fete show. Scheduled for October 16, 2023, the grounds of 36 Hope Road will be transformed into an epic runway, on which the grand costumes will be showcased.

This year’s Xodus experience will consist of designs depicting the best fashion eras throughout history. With this in mind, Xodus promises that Carnival 2024 will be a year of grandeur, leading all the way up to Road March day.

According to Pierre Goubault, CEO of Xodus Carnival, “Our aim is to design, produce and deliver beautiful and elaborate costumes that will enthrall new and existing customers. With this year's theme, we are marrying two intrinsic elements of carnival that define our celebration – the vibrant spirit of our people ‘Mas’. The captivating world of fashion and how it translates to Carnival  ‘Couture’.”

Revellers are promised an extremely entertaining night as DJs Jus Jay from Barbados, Heatwave Fatalic, Cyclone from Coppershot and Nocturnal will be in charge of keeping the vibes high all night long. The highly anticipated event will run from 5-11 PM.

“Mas Couture is not just a theme; it's a celebration of diversity, creativity, growth, and evolution. A big thank you to all the sponsors who have come onboard to make Xodus carnival a success this year, and all Xodus revellers who have kept the band alive year after year,” continued Goubault.

Revellers can purchase tickets from the following outlets: Candy Craze, Tai Tai, Fesco Braeton, Kaya, Zip FM and online at General Early Bird tickets can be bought for $5000, while Pre-Sold and At The Gate will be sold for $6000 and $7000 respectively. Similarly, VIP Early Birds are available for $7000, while Pre-Sold and At The Gate will be $8000 and $9000.

Revellers are encouraged to cop their tickets and come out early to be a part of the Xodus experience as Carnival 2024 gets underway.