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An MPowered Battle with Fear at the 5th Annual MDS Mpowered Continuing Education Seminar

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Medical Disposables & Supplies Limited held its 5th Annual Mpowered Continuing Education Seminar for Pharmacists on January 24th and 28th, under the theme “Fearless”.

With the support of the wider Caribbean community of pharmacists, MDS is the first distributor in Jamaica to partner with the Caribbean Association of Pharmacists (CAP). The virtually held conference was sponsored by the National Health Fund, and recorded a total of 1,129 guests, the highest number of registrations in its 5 year lifespan.

Hosted by George Davis and Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid on day 1 and 2 respectively, the conference featured six speakers who tackled a plethora of “forgotten” conditions that Jamaicans often neglect, resulting from fear. On day one of the conference, Dr. Jennifer Mamby Alexander (Medical Practitioner, Cytologist & Hair Loss Specialist) and Dr. Tyeesha Palmer Morgan (Clinical Pharmacist) discussed the topics of alopecia and skin bleaching that affect a wide section of the Jamaican populace.

In her presentation, Dr. Palmer Morgan played the intro to Vybz Kartel’s “Cake Soap” song to emphasize some trends among influential celebrities’ and social media influencers, which has resulted in an uptick of skin lightening over the years.

“A survey done in December 2023 with 20 participants showed that 35% of people who bleach, do so for acceptance. There was a 25% percent tie with hyperpigmentation and even skin tone, with acne being the least common reason at just 15%” explained Dr. Palmer Morgan.

Day 2 of the conference saw Dr. Alfred Dawes (General, Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon),  Dr. Keisha Allen Dougan (Clinical Pharmacist), Ms. Ann-Merita Golding (speech Language Pathologist) and Mr. Dathan Henry (Registered Pharmacist & Medical Representative), tackling issues such as  Colorectal Disorders, Phobias and Stuttering.

Dr. Dawes, known for his witty debunks on social media, mapped out the dangers of colorectal diseases, placing special focus on Haemorrhoids, Diverticular Disease, Colon Cancer and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. “I chose these because the symptoms overlap so much, and what we want to do is recognize danger. You can’t be fearless by saying that you’re not afraid of danger, you have to know what is dangerous and what is not,” stated Dawes.

In his presentation on stuttering, Pharmacist Dathan Henry shared instances in his life in which he was discouraged from pursuing his career because he “could not speak properly”. Instead of allowing the negative connotations to take root, Henry used them as a fuel to achieve the goals he set out for himself despite his impediment, and is now seeking to become a speech pathologist. He lists excitement, tiredness, stress, people’s reactions and feeling pressured as some triggers for stuttering. However, contrary to popular belief, anxiety is not a cause of stuttering.

In between presentations, ice breakers were thrown out to the online participants who were able to win a number of gift baskets courtesy of Beauty Brand by MDS, a spa treatment courtesy of Body by TLS and a Roast by Bresheh bag.

“God has been good to us to say the least. It is our firm belief that the pharmacist should be elevated, we think pharmacists are unsung heroes and what we try to do here at MPowered is to inspire and uplift a profession that’s deserving of more respect, and we do so with all fearlessness. This year, we welcome a partnership with the National Health Fund (NHF). For the past two years, our intention was to take this conference regional. It's never been done before, and so we welcome the Caribbean Association of Pharmacists , we welcome our Caribbean brothers and sisters,” shared Kurt Boothe, CEO and Director of Medical Disposables & Supplies Limited.

MDS remains committed to empowering the lives of its consumer and medical partners, as they continue to educate and shed light on illnesses that are often left unchecked.

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