Monday, 26 July 2021 09:30

Doctors apprehensive about another Covid-19 Surge

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Jamaica's doctors are apprehensive about facing another surge in COVID-19 cases with reduced numbers in their ranks.

The country has seen a steady increase in cases in recent days, with key indicators pointing to the start of a third wave of infections.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness has started preparing hospitals to respond to the spike.

Despite that however Dr Mindi Fitz-Henley, President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, is worried that there are not enough staff in place to effectively respond.

Earlier this month, doctors went on sickout over the decision not to renew the contracts of  143 physicians, the issuing of  short-term contracts and the non-payment of  gratuity.

Fitz-Henley also said her association was concerned about the mental health of  doctors who have been battling COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic in Jamaica.