Monday, 30 January 2023 10:31

Chaos at traffic court as ticket payment deadline looms

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There is a major traffic pile-up around sections of South Camp as hundreds of motorists are now gathered on the road trying to reach to Traffic Court to pay up outstanding tickets before the new Road Traffic Act and Regulations takes effect on Wednesday, February 1.

Some of the motorists claim they have been on the road from as early as 6:00 am on Monday trying to reach to the court but have been forced to wait as they arrived to find others also waiting.

One motorist described the situation as chaotic.

"See tha line yah, tha line lead go back all the way back to South Camp Road, bare madness a gwaan a Traffic Court," the motorist said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Transport and Mining, Audley Shaw, has implored motorists to take advantage of the period of reprieve being provided by the government to settle outstanding fines.

“I, therefore, implore all motorists, who still have outstanding tickets, to appear early before the Traffic Court, and if they are having challenges paying their traffic tickets, to indicate their difficulty to the courts, to see whether any appropriate arrangement can be made, concerning the payments,” Shaw had advised.