Thursday, 14 July 2022 00:04

Former Miss Jamaica Universe, Kaci Fennell, robbed in St Andrew

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Former Miss Jamaica Universe, Kaci Fennell, has shared that she was robbed while entering a business establishment in St Andrew on Wednesday.

Fennell took to Twitter to express frustration after her handbag was grabbed by one of two men who approached her on a bike as she was about to enter the General Foods establishment on Old Hope Road.

She said she tried to retrieve her bag.

“You are literally safe nowhere in this country and it’s so frustrating. Why am I walking into General Foods… about to enter through the doors and two men on a bike pull up and grab my bag. I tried so hard to get it back,” said Fennel.

In a subsequent tweet, the former beauty queen said the thieves have already attempted  to make purchases using her cards.

“Already blocked all my cards, get an alert that they trying to buy clothes at… No man, I have to laugh, because if it’s not laughter, it’s tears,” she tweeted.

Fennell won the Miss Jamaica Universe crown in 2014.

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